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Classic combination of chocolate and orange on the way for Novo’s Protein Wafer

Chocolate Orange Novo Protein Wafer

Novo Nutrition makes a handful of different functional products, all aimed at giving you a good amount of protein in a delicious snack, including its incredible KitKat-like Protein Break. The star of the UK-based brand’s lineup is its original Protein Wafer, a light and crispy wafer style protein bar packing a moderate amount of protein, low sugar, and it’s made with real Belgian chocolate.

An intriguing new flavor has been announced this week for Novo Nutrition’s flagship product, Protein Wafer, and while it’s not that common in the US, it is a flavor you see fairly often in Europe, especially the UK. The brand has brought the classic combination of chocolate and orange to its widely available Protein Wafer, and given it a straightforward, self-explanatory name in Chocolate Orange.

Novo Nutrition’s now confirmed and upcoming Chocolate Orange Protein Wafer will have a solid 13g of protein per bar, higher than any of its other flavors for the product, while still delivering that light and crunchy consistency with sweet and enjoyable flavor.