G Fuel’s mystery Classified flavor is back but as the sequel Classified V2

Nov 26th, 2021
Classified V2 G Fuel

For Black Friday in 2020, gaming supplement giant G Fuel released a special edition and limited-time flavor of its self-titled energy and focus product called Classified. It had a mostly black label design to go with the occasion, although the most interesting part was that it had no description, so fans did not know what flavor experience they were in for.

G Fuel has brought back its original Classified flavor for several more limited edition runs since Black Friday of 2020. For Black Friday this year, the product has returned; however, as a sequel with Classified V2. Like the original, the gaming brand has not paired the launch with any kind of description or details on what it tastes like, only the name Classified.

G Fuel is running its usual buy one get one free sale for Black Friday over at gfuel.com, and it expires on Tuesday of next week. The deal brings the gaming supplement down to $18 a tub for two, or $35.99 combined. You can choose Classified V2 as one of those two as well as any of the brand’s many other flavors, including the Blacked Out Edition reskins.

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