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Holiday Edition protein bar spreads some Christmas cheer for Nordic brand Fast

Fast Mint Choco Protein Bar

Fast is a functional food and sports supplement company from the Nordic region of the world, where it can be found all over the place, including major supermarkets. One of its more known products is its flagship high-protein bar, not to be confused with its Rox protein snack, and it comes in a strong selection of flavors, which has been temporarily added for the holiday season.

Fans of Fast can grab a special edition Christmas-themed flavor of its moderate high protein bar, tipping the scales at just 42g each and providing a reasonable 12g of protein. The flavor of the product is the classic combination of chocolate and mint called Mint Choco, and its other macros are 11g of carbohydrates with an impressive 1.3g of that sugar, 6.7g of fat, and 150 calories.

Once again, Fast’s Christmassy Mint Choco Protein Bar is a limited-time launch, so it won’t be around for good, even featuring the words “Holiday Edition” on its wrapper. You’ll also easily recognize it on shelves as the brand has given the snack a holiday label theme, covering it in a vibrant wave of green and red.

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