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G Fuel keeps its flavor frenzy going with another FaZe Clan collaboration

Faze 51 G Fuel

With another week, comes another flavor creation from the incredibly busy gaming supplement brand G Fuel, once again teaming up with the esports organization FaZe Clan. G Fuel, FaZe Clan, and some of its individual members have come together on several occasions to create flavors of the G Fuel gaming supplement and energy drink such as Tropical Rain, FaZe X, Sour Blue Chug Rug, and Ragin’ Gummy Fish.

This week the mashing of G Fuel and FaZe Clan has created a flavor named FaZe-51, featuring an alien or area-51-themed label design and a combination of tastes that is not like any other G Fuel flavor. The FaZe Clan flavor FaZe-51 is described as a smooth and creamy sorbet with sweet cantaloupe, and as always, it features G Fuel’s energy and focus boosting formula with no sugar and a nutritionally-friendly 15 calories.

As it does with essentially all of its new flavors and products, G Fuel has put together a waitlist for fans to sign up to on its website, to be notified as soon as FaZe-51 becomes available for purchase. The cantaloupe-flavored product is launching in a limited edition Collector’s Box packed with a full-size, 40 serving tub of FaZe-51 and a matching 16oz shaker cup.

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