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GN Labs tweaks its nighttime supplement and relaunches it as Sleeper Redux

Gn Labs Sleeper Redux

Gigas Nutrition’s house brand GN Labs has revamped its nighttime, sleep support supplement Sleeper, now officially titled Sleeper Redux, featuring a look more like the rest of the line and a mostly refreshed formula. The goal of the product is still to help get you to sleep and ensure you get deep quality sleep, and wake up feeling recovered and ready to workout.

There are still many ingredients found in the previous version of Sleeper that are in GN Labs’ reworked Sleeper Redux, including melatonin, half a gram of ashwagandha, theanine, and twice the tryptophan at one gram. There are also some key features that are no longer in the mix, such as GABA, previously in there at 4g per serving, velvet bean, and valerian root.

Once again, GN Labs still aims to deliver that comprehensive nighttime support with a formula to improve sleep and recovery; the new version simply relies on a different set of ingredients to do that. As always, you can buy the brand’s latest supplement from its flagship retailer Gigas Nutrition where you’ll pay €32.90 for a 30 serving tub in Peach and Cherry flavors.