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Gummy brand Goli introduces a fresh new format with chocolate-covered bites

Goli Bites Multi

Goli Nutrition is known for its relatively straightforward gummy supplements, with its original Apple Cider Vinegar, Ashwagandha, Superfruits, and the recently released Supergreens Gummies. The health and wellness brand has introduced fans to an all-new style of product this week with Goli Bites, available in two versions, Goli Multi Bites and Goli Calm Bites.

Goli Bites build

Goli Bites are similar to Goli Nutrition’s regular gummy supplements with bottles of ten calorie, bite-sized pieces, although instead of candy-like gummies, those pieces are chocolate-covered treats. The bites have a rich, indulgent, and delicious build, combining a denser base topped with a gooey layer and all covered in chocolate.

Key ingredients

Goli Nutrition’s two different Goli Bites are separate by their active ingredients, with Goli Multi Bites being a chocolatey treat infused with vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness. Goli Calm Bites feature ingredients to help with stress and anxiety, including the multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha at 150mg per piece and 25mg of reishi mushroom.

Goli Bites Multi

The flavors of Goli Nutrition’s Goli Multi Bites and Goli Calm Bites are slightly different, with the former having a vanilla chocolate taste and the latter chocolate and acai berry. Like most edible formats, the products don’t have overly loaded formulas or supremely high dosages, but they are a nice addition to the brand and fitting for its tasty approach to supplements.

Where to buy

Goli Nutrition’s Goli Multi Bites and Goli Calm Bites are available now through its online store, alongside all of its health and wellness-focused gummy products. They’re cheaper than any of the brand’s gummy supplements, starting at $14 for a full-size bottle of 30 chocolatey bites, and they get as low as $11.66 when purchasing six, and that goes for both versions.