Latest Got7 creation wraps protein peanut butter in delicious white chocolate

Got7 Nutrition Peanut Pralines

After coming out yesterday and surprising us with news of its mouthwatering new treat in dark chocolate-covered Protein Waffles, Got7 Nutrition has another unique product for fans. Alongside Protein Waffles, the always creative functional food brand out of Germany has introduced Peanut Pralines, and based on the description; they sound like another hit from the ever-expanding company.

Got7 Nutrition’s Peanut Pralines features a smooth and creamy peanut butter covered in deliciously sweet white chocolate, something we know first hand the brand delivers on every time. The peanut butter is infused with whey protein, and the chocolate coating uses the sweetener maltitol, resulting in a heightened 3.7g of protein per 16g praline with 1.3g of sugar and no added sugar.

The other macros on a single piece serving of Got7 Nutrition’s Peanut Pralines include 6g of carbohydrates, 6.3g of fat, and calories at 93. The mouthwatering product is out and available in the brand’s home country of Germany starting this week at €2.50 (2.81 USD) a box. Each of those boxes weighs 50g, so you get three of the promising pralines for 11g of protein and 279 calories.