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HI-Gear introduces its all-in-one and all-new flagship pre-workout Ignite

Hi Gear Ignite Pre Workout

The first-ever product from the Hawaiian supplement company HI-Gear was the stimulant-powered pre-workout Prepare, featuring a fairly simple and reasonably well-dosed formula. The product had ingredients to support all of the usual benefits, with the likes of citrulline malate at 4g, 375mg of the always reliable caffeine, and 2g of beta-alanine.

If you head to HI-Gear’s website, you’ll notice Prepare is no longer listed or available for purchase, although starting this week, it has an all-new pre-workout that goes by the name Ignite. The supplement is fairly similar to Prepare, featuring a blend of reliable and common ingredients, with one or two compounds to support each of the usual pre-workout effects.

Hi Gear Ignite Pre Workout Label

We’ve got the facts panel for HI-Gear’s Ignite in the image above, where there are some similarities to Prepare, although overall, it is certainly a step up for fans. Some of the standout highlights of the product are that it now uses pure citrulline instead of citrulline malate, and at the same 4g dose, there is 25% more beta-alanine, added agmatine for pumps, and more caffeine at just over 400mg per serving from two separate sources.

Once again, Ignite has the same sort of approach as HI-Gear’s first pre-workout Prepare, although the brand has put more into this one in the areas of ingredients and dosages. On HI-Gear’s website, you’ll currently pay the same price as Prepare when it launched for a full-size tub of Ignite, although you get a lot less servings at 20 instead of the usual 30.