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Justine’s Cookies gets into keto-friendly baking with three bulk products

Justines Cookies Baking Ingredients

New Zealand-based functional brand Justine’s Cookies, known for its high-protein cookies, now offers a selection of healthy, keto-friendly products for fans to bake with. The new side of Justine’s isn’t supremely large, but with things like this, where a company moves into a separate area or sector of the industry, it tends to only grow and expand from there.

There are three different products Justine’s Cookies has for baking, all of which are keto-friendly, aiming to keep the protein high and carbohydrates to a minimum. The list includes the sugar alcohol Erythritol Granules and Baking Chips in dark and white chocolate. You then have the self-explanatory Keto Protein Cookie Crumbs in a strong five delicious flavors.

As mentioned, all of those items are intended for fans and followers to use for healthy, high-protein, and keto-friendly baking, and they all come in bulk bags for recipes of any size. You can purchase Erythritol Granules, Baking Chips, and the Keto Protein Cookie Crumbs directly from the brand through its website ranging from $15.50 up to $23 for the erythritol.