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Muscle Sport’s special edition Ghoulade is back for its second consecutive Halloween

Muscle Sport Ghoulade Rhino Rampage

Muscle Sport fans may remember for Halloween last year; the always fun and creative supplement company came out with a special edition flavor for two of its more popular products. The flavor was called Ghoulade and is the combination of the popular candy, Banana Runts, and a general candy lime flavor for the brand’s amino BCAA Revolution and pre-workout Rhino Rampage.

Over the weekend, Muscle Sport resurrected its limited-time Ghoulade-flavor products for their second consecutive Halloween, and like in 2020, they’re both only available while stocks last. You can still purchase the Ghoulade BCAA Revolution through the brand’s website, although the Ghoulade Rhino Rampage does not appear to be on there, so it may have already sold out.