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Naughty Boy’s Winter Soldier amino squeezes in a hefty 15g of EAAs per serving

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Eaa Hydration

EAA + Hydration is the third of four supplements in Naughty Boy’s limited edition seasonal Winter Soldier Series, and if it wasn’t clear by the name, it is an amino product. Despite the brand already having several aminos on the market in its dedicated Amino Family, EAA + Hydration is a different supplement featuring a similar but separate blend of ingredients.

Naughty Boy’s EAA + Hydration is a fully loaded EAA product, squeezing an absolutely huge 15g of all nine EAAs into each of its servings to support muscle recovery and repair. That, of course, takes care of one side of the supplement, while the hydration support comes by way of Aquamin minerals and Cocomineral coconut water at half a gram each.

EAA + Hydration is also enhanced with one other premium ingredient in the absorption enhancer AstraGin, included at 50mg to go with that impressive 15g of EAAs, 10g of that being BCAAs. Naughty Boy is on track to launch its entire Winter Soldier Series next month, and as previously mentioned, it is seasonal and is only going to be available around Winter.