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Naughty Boy gives fans the ideal health supplement for the Winter season

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Life Pac

The Life Pac is another supplement in Naughty Boy’s promising and uniquely seasonal Winter Soldier Series, alongside its stimulant pre-workout, amino, and absolutely loaded pump pre-workout. The Life Pac is a comprehensive health support product featuring select ingredients for various benefits beyond your typical vitamin and mineral formula.

Most of the ingredients in Naughty Boy’s Winter Soldier Series The Life Pac are there to support and strengthen your immune system, which is fitting; as mentioned, Winter Soldier is a seasonal series only available during Winter. For immunity, the brand has included a solid gram of vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, MitoPrime, and a 1g blend of mushrooms.

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Life Pac Label

Naughty Boy has a few other groups of ingredients in The Life Pac to help with hydration, vision and eye health, and overall heart health. For those benefits, the brand has several other premium compounds in the mix, including Oxyjun terminalia arjuna extract as well as coQ10 and grape seed extract for the heart side, lutein and zeaxanthin for vision, and Cocomineral coconut water and Aquamin marine minerals for hydration.

The Life Pac is essentially the comprehensive health supplement you’d expect from Naughty Boy’s limited Winter Soldier Series, and once again, it is fitting for the time of year it’ll be available. The UK brand is launching The Life Pac alongside the other three products in the collection within the next month or so, and it’ll be around for about three months.