Ninja shares a sneak peek at its upcoming energy and focus supplement for gamers

Ninja Mode

Newcomer Ninja burst onto the scene earlier this year and impressed right out of the gate with its six effective and reliable supplements, which were even more impressive considering how new it was. The categories the brand covers with its current lineup are pre-workout, weight loss, sleep, amino, nootropic, and the collagen-infused protein powder, Ninja Gains.

Ninja is getting ready to bump up its total number of supplements to eight, with one of those items revealed today, and it’s another nootropic formula built specifically for the gaming category in Ninja Mode. It will be a different experience from the brand’s current nootropic competitor Ninja Limitless, although we won’t know how different until its full facts panel is revealed.

Typically gaming supplements aim for a more balanced, lighter, and longer-lasting stimulant experience, as opposed to the other direction and going over-the-top on stimulants for hard-hitting and intense energy. Another note for Ninja Mode is it will feature its own unique label design and have a color scheme separate from any other Ninja product with a vibrant blend of purple and blue.

Ninja Mode is due to launch in a little less than two weeks, with the brand planning to roll it out on Cyber Monday, which is just 12 days away. With that day being what it is, there is a good chance the supplement will arrive alongside some sort of deal or discount, making the debut of Ninja Mode an ideal time to grab it.

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