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Hardcore company Freak Label unveils the first product from its replacement brand

Nootramine Pre Workout

Hardcore Russian supplement company Freak Label recently announced a pretty significant development in that it would be discontinuing its entire line of products. The brand said it is starting a completely new brand named Nootramine, with a selection of supplements geared towards a wider audience and taking a more mainstream approach, at least compared to what we got with Freak Label.

Today we have an idea of what we’re getting with Nootramine, as its first-ever product has been unveiled, and as the brand promised, it is named after its category in Nootramine Pre-Workout. The formula behind the supplement has also been shared, and it is very straightforward, similar to what you get in other mainstream pre-workouts, powered by a 4g blend of nine commonly used ingredients.

Nootramine Pre Workout Label

Making up that 4g blend in Nootramine Pre-Workout or 4.025g to be exact, is betaine, mucuna pruriens, taurine, horny goat weed, caffeine, rhodiola, citicoline, theanine, and sodium citrate. As mentioned, it’s a fairly simple formula well short of what we typically see in the category, with nothing dosed too over-the-top and no supremely intense stimulants. It’s also missing many other common pre-workout ingredients, such as citrulline and beta-alanine for pumps and performance.

Pre-Workout is only the first product completely unveiled by Nootramine, with others showing up in sneak peeks like the recovery-supporting Aminos and the testosterone booster Testo Booster. While we would like to see a bit more in the upcoming Nootramine Pre-Workout, the brand is really just coming through on its promise of that more mainstream approach to reach that broader audience.