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Nootramine goes with some very untraditional flavors for its upcoming protein

Nootramine Protein Powder

Last week we got the first look at the hardcore Russian supplement company Freak Label’s all-new, more mainstream replacement brand Nootramine. It completely unveiled its upcoming stimulant pre-workout, simply named Nootramine Pre-Workout, featuring a blend of common ingredients, and now it’s followed that up with details on another one of its debut products.

Alongside its pre-workout, the still coming soon Nootramine is going to have a whey-based protein powder, which is somewhat straightforward with a bonus feature. Like Pre-Workout, the supplement is named after its category in Nootramine Protein, and it provides 21g of protein per serving, all from whey concentrate, a gram of fat, 4g of carbohydrates, and a reasonable 105 calories.

What makes Nootramine Protein a little bit different from your typical competitor in the saturated category is it has added prebiotics, and it’s coming in some unique flavors with Caramel Pear and the baked treat, Cinnamon Charlotte. That means we’ve now got details on two products for the debut of Freak Label’s Nootramine, although we imagine there is a lot more to follow.