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Nutrabio follows Cherry Limeade with Blueberry Lemonade for two products

Nutrabio Blueberry Lemonade Intra Blast

To close out the month of October, Nutrabio released a fresh new flavor for two separate supplements with Cherry Limeade for its packed out, powerhouse intra-workouts, Leg Day and Intra Blast. The reputable brand has gone ahead and done the same thing again, although this time it’s a new flavor for its hybrid nootropic amino Alpha EAA and, once again, the carbohydrate-fueled intra-workout Intra Blast.

Nutrabio’s Alpha EAA and Intra Blast have extended their menus to include a refreshing fruity flavor in Blueberry Lemonade. The new addition pushes the focus-enhancing amino to a total of six flavors and Intra Blast into double digits at ten. Both of the Blueberry Lemonade supplements are available starting today from the brand’s website at their usual prices of $39.99 for Alpha EAA and $44.99 for Intra Blast.