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NutriFitt’s more intense pre-workout gets a facelift and a Grape Candy flavor

Nutrifitt Carnage

NutriFitt has revamped its more intense and advanced stimulant pre-workout Pre Fitt Carnage, turning it into the better looking and more simply named supplement, Carnage. When we say better looking, we’re talking about branding, as NutriFitt has given the product a complete cosmetic makeover, now featuring a bit more pop to its color and some intriguing graphics in the background.

As for the inside of the supplement, fans of NutriFitt and its high-stimulant pre-workout newly named Carnage, you do get the same quality combination of ingredients and dosages. The brand has left the formula powering the more intense experience the same, continuing its 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, half a gram each of tyrosine and VitaCholine for mental focus, and 350mg of caffeine.

On the flavor side of things, NutriFitt has carried over Pre Fitt Carnage’s two flavors for its refreshed Carnage in Blood Cherry Lemonade and Alien Pop, and added a third option in Grape Candy. All of those flavors of the pre-workout in its updated label design are now available directly from the brand’s online store for a marginally higher price than the original at $41.99 for a tub 25 servings.