PharmaFreak runs its Black Friday sale a week early and it expires tonight

Nov 18th, 2021
Pharmafreak Black Friday Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may not be until Friday of next week and the Monday following, although several supplement companies have started things early and are already running their Black Friday sales. Some brands have chosen to do things all month long, and some this week and next week, although PharmaFreak has decided to go with a combination of early and limited.

Until midnight tonight, through PharmaFreak’s website, you can get everything for half price using the coupon code “FREAK50”, including 50% off its newer releases like Red Label Creatine and Greens Freak+. While we are a week early, and as mentioned, the brand’s promotion expires tonight, this is its Black Friday sale as there will not be any deal or discount on those actual Black Friday days.

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