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PharmaFreak uniquely splits up the pre-workout experience in Supersonic Freak

Pharmafreak Reveals Supersonic Freak

PharmaFreak has finally shared a more complete look at its highly-anticipated Red Label Series supplement Supersonic Freak. The product will be one of the most unique launches from the brand in some time, as it is a pre-workout but not in the usual format. Supersonic Freak is a two-piece supplement, with each box having two products, each providing separate and stackable benefits.

You can see the image PharmaFreak has shared of Supersonic Freak above, finally confirming that inside each box of the supplement is a tub of flavored powder and a bottle of capsules. The powder product is a stimulant-free pre-workout built primarily to support and improve muscle pumps and performance and features S7 and the clinically studied Velox blend of citrulline and arginine.

As for the capsule supplement inside PharmaFreak’s Supersonic Freak, that provides the stimulation and is filled with ingredients for energy and mental focus. The features we know of in that product are alpha-GPC to support focus, the ever-reliable caffeine for energy, and the increasingly popular, premium stimulant EnXtra.

There are more ingredients in both of the Supersonic Freak supplements than the few mentioned; those are just what’s on the front of the intriguing two-part pre-workout’s box. The idea behind splitting the product up like that is to really let users decide the balance of their pre-workout. If you want less energy you simply dial down the capsules, or if you want more, you have more of that supplement.

Supersonic Freak is still coming soon from PharmaFreak, with the next launch under the creative Red Label Series still set to be the mood-measuring nootropic Mental Freak. When Supersonic Freak gets closer to launch, we’ll be sure to pass on more information, especially when we have the facts panels, as it’ll be interesting to see how the formulas look in their entirety.