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Beverage newcomer RECO expands to three flavors in a mix of passionfruit and honey

Reco Twisted Passion Energy Drink

RECO is another functional beverage brand from Sweden that we introduced just a few months ago, with an energy drink featuring a relatively straightforward blend of ingredients. The brand’s one and only product comes with B vitamins, electrolytes to support hydration, no sugar, all nine EAAs for recovery, and for that anytime increase in energy, there is caffeine at a moderate 180mg a can.

When we posted about RECO, it had just two flavors available for its energy drink in Frosty Lemonade and Crispy Pear, which are no longer the entire menu of the product. RECO’s energy-enhancing beverage has landed itself a third flavor in the eye-catching, gold and purple-colored Twisted Passion. It is indeed a passionfruit flavor, with the twist being that it’s infused with a hint of honey.

According to RECO, its all-new Twisted Passion multi-benefit beverage for energy, recovery, and hydration is already out and available in stores and on shelves across Sweden, so be on the lookout for it wherever you’d typically find RECO.

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