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Scorpion doubles the menu size of its recently released Boom energy drink

Scorpion Raspberry Cola Green Apple Boom

It wasn’t that long ago New Zealand-based Scorpion released its first-ever beverage in the pre-workout style energy drink Boom. The product features a little more than just caffeine to help drive you through a workout, although not enough to compare to a competitive pre-workout supplement. Scorpion’s Boom has 200mg of caffeine, 1.16g of betaine, 2.5g of beta-alanine, and a rather specific 1.73g of pure citrulline.

Scorpion only introduced its Boom energy drink a few months ago and in two fruity flavors with Grape and Limeade. The brand has returned this month, revealing and releasing another two tastes for the product, bringing its menu total to four. Joining that original pair of Grape and Limeade is Raspberry Cola and Green Apple, both of which are now available from Scorpion’s online store in cases of 12 at $39 (27.44 USD).