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Bombbar releases its version of Snickers with more protein and no sugar

Snaq Fabriq Snaqer

Snaq Fabriq is another spin-off brand from Russian company Bombbar, similar to its creative snack line Chikalab. The difference with Snaq Fabriq is that it focuses more on healthy treats and foods that are low in sugar and calories, and not all about protein. In its short time on the market, it has released a Bounty-like bar, oatmeal-based cookies, and a no sugar chocolate spread.

Bombbar is rolling out its fourth Snaq Fabriq product this week with Snaqer, which fittingly sounds like the iconic chocolate, caramel, and peanut candy bar Snickers. Like Snickers, Snaqer is a delicious candy bar, although with a much nicer nutrition profile packing 10g of protein, 16g of fat, an impressive 18g of carbohydrates with 14g of that fiber, no sugar, and 228 calories.

Snaqer is made mostly of peanuts, alongside oligofructose, skimmed milk, the sweetener sucralose, and milk chocolate. The actual build of the product is similar to a Snickers bar with a smooth doughy base topped with crunchy peanuts and caramel, then all wrapped in tasty chocolate. The latest from Bombbar is also very well priced, and it’s still a sizeable snack at 50g a piece.

Bombbar and Snaq Fabriq’s Snickers-like protein snack will cost you ₽1600 for a box, through its online store, which is certainly not a lot when you realize you get 20 bars in each box, and it works out to just $1.12 when converted to USD.

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