Sneak creates limited flavors for Black Friday and puts them in cube-shaped tubs

Nov 21st, 2021
Sneak Bitberry Limeade Pixel Punch

Sneak is one of the most creative and unique supplement companies out there when it comes to hype and marketing, putting together several campaigns and products that truly stand out. Black Friday is one of those times where the UK-based gaming company drops something different and exciting, with last year’s effort being the one-of-a-kind Blankberry flavor of its signature supplement featuring a blank label.

For Black Friday this year, Sneak has once again put together something special with two new flavors of its energy and focus gaming product in Bitberry Limeade and Pixel Punch. They’re extremely limited flavors, and to make them even more special, they have a unique packaging design. The brand has decided to put these flavors in a cube tub as opposed to the traditional cylinder and give them a pixel-themed design.

You can see what Sneak’s limited edition Black Friday or Bit Friday flavors look like in the image above, and they are indeed quite eye-catching. The brand has also made a shaker to match the flavors, which is launching alongside the cube-shaped products on Black Friday or, as mentioned, Bit Friday. We’re not too sure if Sneak will have any sort of sale on; if not, you’ll be paying the usual price of its supplement at £35.

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