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Sneak previews the box its unique Blankberry flavor is coming in

sneak blankberry box set

Gaming brand Sneak made a lot of noise last week when it announced the awesome and truly unique looking limited-edition flavor of its energy and focus supplement for Black Friday. For those who missed it, the UK company has put together a completely blank product called ‘Blankberry’, with the only details on it being a few embossed features that are usually printed on the supplement’s label.

It is going to come with all of the same ingredients for energy and focus as Sneak’s other flavors of the product, including 1.5g of tyrosine, light dosages of carnitine and choline, and 150mg of caffeine. One of the questions many people asked about Sneak’s special edition Blankberry, was with the tub being blank, where would all of its essential bits of information go, such as the facts panel.

To kick off the week of Black Friday, Sneak has shared another look at its upcoming Blankberry, which answers that question about the necessary details on the packaging. The brand is, in fact, putting the product in a box, similar to what it did for its authentic Millions flavors, and it is on that box that you’ll find its facts panel, as well as its logo, flavor name, weight, and amount of servings.

Sneak is still set to launch its incredibly unique Blankberry flavor in a few days on Black Friday, and it does also look like it’s coming with a similarly colored and styled shaker bottle.

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