Shot version of I Am F*cked Up lands a third flavor in Forest Raspberry

Nov 27th, 2021
Swedish Supplements Forest Raspberry I Am Fcked Up Headshot

The uniquely named “I Am F*cked Up” is a stimulant-powered pre-workout from Swedish Supplements, which is, of course, a sports nutrition brand out of Sweden. There is also an on-the-go, compact shot version of the product similarly named the I Am F*cked Up Headshot, featuring a different set of ingredients, including a hard-hitting 300mg of caffeine.

We’ve got Swedish Supplements and I Am F*cked Up in the news today as the brand has added another flavor to the shot spin-off of the pre-workout to go with its current selection of two. Joining the original pair of Sour Cola and Green Apple, Swedish Supplements has released its I Am F*cked Up Headshot in a second fruity flavor with Forest Raspberry.

Swedish Supplements’ refreshing new Forest Raspberry I Am F*cked Up Headshot is out now, in its home country of Sweden, and packing all of the product’s usual ingredients, such as 2g each of citrulline malate and beta-alanine to go with that 300mg of caffeine.