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Swolverine reveals its premier pre-workout launching alongside its Black Friday sale

Swolverine Pre Workout

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically all about deals and discounts; however, many supplement companies also decide to celebrate the occasion with a little bit more. They also like to launch special edition flavors and sometimes all-new products, which is exactly what Swolverine has planned, and for 2021, it’s not just any sort of supplement.

Swolverine Pre is a comprehensive pre-workout from Swolverine, packed full of common and reliable ingredients and at full dosages to deliver a well-rounded performance in the gym. The product is indeed launching for Black Friday this year, finally giving the brand a complex and advanced entry into the highly competitive category of pre-workouts.

Swolverine Pre Workout Label

You can see the facts panel for Swolverine’s pre-workout Swolverine Pre in the image above with, as mentioned, a selection of common and reliable ingredients. You get a full 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine per serving, as well as 2.5g of betaine, a gram of coconut water, half a gram of pomegranate, 5g of citrulline malate, and a gram of Siberian ginseng.

Fans of Swolervine can look forward to securing themselves a full-size 25 serving tub of the brand’s pre-workout on Black Friday, which is not far away on Friday of next week. It’ll be up for pre-order on November 26th through the brand’s own website with no word on price, although Swolverine is fairly reasonable on value, so we don’t see it being too high.