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Smart Chips adds another type of snack to Women’s Best’s growing Smart Series

Womens Best Smart Chips

Only a week after the launch of its latest Smart Series protein snack in Smart Cookies, a bag of delicious sandwich cookies, Women’s Best has another entry in the functional collection. Smart Chips is now a part of the brand’s Smart Series, taking that twist of high protein seen in many of the line’s other creative products and bringing it to the classic crispy chip format.

Women’s Best Smart Chips come in light 40g bags, packing a respectable 16 to 18g of protein alongside 4.4 to 7.8g of carbohydrates, 2.2 or less of that sugar, 4 to 5.2g of fat, and 144 to 161 calories. Those macros do vary a fair bit from flavor to flavor, as you can see in those ranges, although the most different one with the highest calories by 17 at 161, is Barbecue.

Womens Best Smart Chips

There is a total of four flavors of Women’s Best Smart Chips, all traditional chip combinations, with the other three sitting next to Barbecue being Cheese & Onion, Paprika, and Salt & Vinegar. The chips themselves are made with soy protein, tapioca, potato starch and flakes, and a few other ingredients, and are circular in shape with that typical and familiar chip crunch.

All four flavors of Women’s Best’s Smart Series Smart Chips are available now through its international online store at, and they’re not all that expensive. Unlike most functional companies, the brand isn’t asking you to purchase a whole box to try its newest snack; instead, it’s selling them individually at $2.99, which is currently discounted to $2.09.