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Health and wellness brand Zhou gets into pre-workouts with Lite Up and Lite Up Xtra

Zhou Nutrition Lite Up Pre Workouts

Zhou Nutrition has mostly stuck to general health and wellness supplements in the short time we’ve followed the still relatively new and growing brand. Some of the products we’ve shared from Zhou include Collagen Active, Gut Guru, and Screen Eyes, although this month, it has turned its attention to the area we’re more familiar with in sports nutrition.

Zhou Nutrition has released a pair of pre-workouts, both named Lite Up, with the difference between the two being that one has a bit of extra caffeine to increase and enhance energy. Aside from the energizing caffeine, the supplements have the exact same ingredients to support better muscle pumps, and improved performance and endurance.

The Lite Up products from Zhou Nutrition feature a full 1.5g of the premium pump ingredient Nitrosigine, 2g of citrulline malate to further help with pumps, acacia gum, and a 230mg berry blend of tart cherry, hawthorn, bilberry, and grape seed. As mentioned, the small set of ingredients is in Lite Up and Lite Up Xtra, with the latter also having 100mg of natural caffeine for that promised lift in energy.

Considering the simplicity of the formula powering Zhou Nutrition’s Lite Up pre-workouts, it’s not surprising it’s relatively cost-effective, well under the $30 mark at $25.99. That price is the same for the regular Lite Up and the caffeinated Lite Up Xtra, with the usual 30 servings per tub in a Berry Lemonade flavor for Lite Up and Cherry Limeade for Lite Up Xtra.