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Zhou makes its BCAA-based amino a bit different by infusing it with probiotics

Zhou Nutrition Muscle Bcaa

Yesterday we shared Zhou Nutrition’s new pre-workouts Lite Up and Lite Up Xtra, which are a nice change of pace for a brand that is typically all about health and wellness. The two Lite Up products are not actually everything Zhou has put together for the world of sports nutrition this week, with an amino coming to market by the name of Muscle BCAA.

Zhou Nutrition’s Muscle BCAA is a BCAA-based amino supplement formulated to support muscle recovery and repair, powered by its star feature in BCAAs at a solid 10g dose in its double scoop serving. The brand has also packed the product with a precise 996mg of coconut water to support hydration, a gram of citrulline malate, and another 996mg of vitamin C.

To give Muscle BCAA another intriguing highlight, Zhou Nutrition has included a touch of its signature health and wellness by infusing the supplement with 20mg of probiotics providing two billion CFUs for gut health. The addition of probiotics is certainly an interesting highlight for Muscle BCAA, as it’s certainly not something we’ve seen in an amino or at least often.

Muscle BCAA is expected to be available from Zhou Nutrition’s online store sometime soon as well as the retail giant Amazon in the one flavor to start with Tropical Punch with 30 servings or 15 full servings per tub.