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Shadowed shark-faced supplement teased by Spanish brand Zoomad Labs

Zoomad Labs Shark Supplement

Zoomad Labs is the Spanish brand that we recently introduced on our website, which brings together some reliable formulas, although the supplements’ packaging is what steals the show. Zoomad Labs has animal characters on the front and custom-molded animal faces bursting out the back of its products, with its flagship pre-workout Moonstruck featuring a gorilla.

The intriguing supplement company has just begun teasing what appears to be another entirely new product and featuring a character or animal not seen on any of its others. Zoomad Labs changes the character and matching molded face from one type of supplement to the next, so the teaser featuring something different suggests it’s getting into a completely new category.

While there isn’t a lot of detail in the image Zoomad Labs has shared, with really only a shadowed shot of the molded animal face, it looks to be a shark. Again that suggests the upcoming mystery product is for a category the brand is not already in, so fans will want to keep an eye out here at Stack3d as we’ll be sharing the full reveal when it becomes available.

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