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5-Hour puts immune-supporting vitamins into a high-energy shot

5 Hour Energy Daily Immune Support

5-Hour Energy is known for its self-titled product, a compact and convenient 57ml shot featuring a handful of active ingredients to deliver long-lasting energy. The formula powering the energy shot includes a blend of B vitamins, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, taurine, phenylalanine, citicoline, and the star of the show, caffeine, at a strong and reliable 200mg per shot.

Since coming to market, 5-Hour Energy has introduced an Extra Strength version, and recently it released another shot that differs from its original called Daily Immune Support. The product still features ingredients for long-lasting energy, including B vitamins, taurine, citicoline, and the same amount of caffeine as the brand’s Extra Strength energy shot at 230mg.

What makes Daily Immune Support different from 5-Hour Energy’s other shots is alongside those energizing ingredients, you get 250mg of vitamin C at 250mg and 2,000iu vitamin D3 to support and strengthen your immune system. The product is out on the market now, and it comes in three flavors with Ultra Orange, Pineapple-Apricot, and Pink Watermelon.