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Australia’s Body Science rebrands, renames and relaunches its protein RTD

Bodyscience Premium Protein Shake

Legacy Australian supplement company Body Science has come out with a fresh new version of its on-the-go, premixed protein shake, originally named Muscle Protein Shake. The brand has now given the product a complete makeover, switching to the look and feel you can see in the picture above, and it’s changed the name of the RTD from Muscle Protein Shake to Premium Protein Shake.

From what we can tell, Body Science has kept the formula and macros of Muscle Protein Shake the same for its refreshed Premium Protein Shake, still featuring that strong 30g of protein per shake. The supplement has been relaunched in three flavors, two of which are from the previous version in Chocolate and Banana, while the third is something completely new in a traditional Vanilla.

Body Science’s Muscle Protein Shake replacement Premium Protein Shake is out and available in its home country of Australia, including through its own online store. Over at, you can actually already see that new Vanilla flavor and purchase it at $5 (3.55 USD) a bottle.

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