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Bulk infuses an oat-based square with extra protein for its latest snack

Bulk Protein Porridge Square

Bulk has dropped several releases in the month of December, including entirely new items as well as flavor extensions for some of its many already available products. We saw new additions to the menu of the brand’s popular Macro Munch protein bar as well as two spin-offs of that product in Macro Munch Protein Biscuit and Macro Munch Protein Peanut Butter Cup.

The ever-expanding Bulk has dropped yet another functional item in the last month of the year with a high protein snack in a format that we have never seen from any other brand. Protein Porridge Square is the latest effort from Bulk, which is a crumbly oat-based square infused with sweet and fruity flavors providing a solid 20 to 21g of protein thanks to its inclusion of milk protein.

Since Bulk’s Protein Porridge Square is oat-based, it obviously has a good amount of carbohydrates to go alongside the protein at 31 to 35g with 12 to 15g of that sugar, 12 to 14g of fat, and 331 to 347 calories. The brand has introduced the unique protein snack in three flavors with Crunchy Peanut, Red Berry & Apple, and Apricot & Yoghurt at £2.49 for one or £24.99 for a box of 12.