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Bulk expands its Macro Munch family with a high-protein cookie sandwich

Bulk Macro Munch Protein Biscuit

It turns out the Macro Munch Peanut Butter Cup isn’t the only Macro Munch spin-off Bulk has launched as we quickly approach Christmas Day. Details on the high-protein peanut butter cup were shared earlier this week, and now we’re back with all you need to know about another addition to the Macro Munch family of protein snacks in Protein Biscuit.

Bulk’s Macro Munch Protein Biscuit is essentially a sandwich cookie with a healthy twist, packing more protein than your traditional sandwich cookie between 4.6 and 5.2g of protein a biscuit. That star macro goes alongside 7.5 to 8.3g of fat, 11g of carbohydrates with just over 4g of that sugar, and calories of 131 in the Speculoos flavor and 140 in the Cookies & Cream.

As mentioned, Macro Munch Protein Biscuit features a classic sandwich cookie build, where you get two crumbly cookies with a sweet and tasty creamy layer in between. Both flavors of the promising product — Speculoos and Cookies & Cream — have the same vanilla filling in the middle, with the separator being the taste of the cookies either side of that.

Bulk’s all-new Macro Munch Protein Biscuit is available now through its online store at, and you can purchase it individually at £1.99 (2.66 USD) a piece or grab a bulk box of six biscuits at a slightly better £6.99 (9.33 USD).