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Three new whey-based proteins coming from Elev Global in the New Year

Elev Global Protein Powders

Elev Global is a supplement company that debuted not that long ago and with a strong selection of products covering important categories from amino and multivitamin to carbohydrate and protein. The Europe and Canada-based brand has announced that in the New Year, it is launching not one or two but three entirely new protein powders, separate from its already available Pure Whey.

The upcoming supplements from Elev Global explain their points of difference in their names with Tri Whey powered by three sources of whey protein. The other two are ISO Whey getting all of its 26.4g of protein per serving from lean whey isolate; then you have Hydro Whey which has the same amount of protein as ISO Whey per serving, although it uses hydrolyzed whey isolate.

As mentioned, Elev Global is planning to launch Tri Whey, ISO Whey, and Hydro Whey early in the New Year, so fans can expect to see them in all of the brand’s usual retailers shortly after. All three of the protein powders come in large 2kg tubs and will have at least one flavor on their menus in Chocolate. We don’t know their prices, although typically blend-style formulas like Tri Whey are the more cost-effective option, with whey isolates being slightly higher.