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Finaflex teases what appears to be a fat burner for its Hardcore Series

Finaflex Inciner8 Hardcore

Finaflex looks like it is about to release another entry in its Hardcore Series of supplements, which all started with the spin-off of its signature pre-workout in Stimul8 Hardcore. The brand eventually followed that up and turned Stimul8 Hardcore into the Hardcore Series with the energy-infused amino product EAA Hardcore packing 7.5g of EAAs and 150mg of energizing caffeine.

Finaflex has just shared a teaser of a smoke-covered supplement, hiding a lot of its important details, although there is more than enough to speculate. From what we can see, the upcoming product appears to be Incinr8 Hardcore, the third entry in the brand’s Hardcore Series, and if we had to guess based on the name, we’re saying Incincr8 Hardcore is a fat burner.

We’ll share more details on Finaflex’s next new supplement when they’re available; however, we’re fairly confident Incinr8 Hardcore is the title of the product, and it is a weight loss formula. The brand does already have a few fat burners on the market under its PX Series of supplements, so it’ll be interesting to see what Finaflex does to Incinr8 Hardcore to make it a bit different.

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