FIt Butters hints at a collaboration with Glaxon and potentially its Protos protein

Dec 6th, 2021
Fit Butters X Glaxon Protos

Functional company FIt Butters is known for its delicious and high-protein nut butter, packed full of inclusions and available in flavors put together with premium and popular supplement companies. Some of the names FIt Butters has partnered with include Muscle Sport, VMI Sports, and Nutrex, making flavors of its nut butter using signature protein powders from those brands.

FIt Butters recently shared a teaser hinting at might prove to be one of its biggest collaborations to date. The image confirms some sort of partnership between FIt Butters and Glaxon, one of our favorite brands out there right now. Glaxon did just drop its first-ever protein powder, or protein powders, in feature-filled Protos Whey and the plant-based alternative Protos Vegan.

Our guess is, of course, that FIt Butters and Glaxon are coming together to create a special edition nut butter using Protos Whey or Protos Vegan, or potentially both for two separate products. It was only recently revealed the two will be working with one another, so we’re not sure how long it is going to be before we see what we suspect to be a Protos collaboration.