G Fuel’s Black Friday flavored Classified V2 is back for its New Year’s BOGO sale

Dec 29th, 2021
G Fuel Classified V2 Returns

If you missed out on G Fuel’s limited edition sequel flavor Classified V2 during its big Black Friday sale, the leader of the gaming category is giving fans another chance to get it in the exact same fashion. Like the brand did for Black Friday through to the following Tuesday, you can currently get most flavors of the G Fuel supplement at buy one get one free.

The brand’s New Year’s sale brings the product down from its usual $35.99 for a single tub of 40 servings to $18 each for two. G Fuel’s special edition Classified V2 flavor is back and included in that sale alongside almost every other flavor of the gaming supplement. Some of the options excluded are the Shiny Splash reskin and the three authentic Spider-Man products.

You have until 3 PM Monday of next week to get in and take advantage of G Fuel’s buy one get one free New Year’s sale, and as per usual, it is only available through the brand’s online store gfuel.com.

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