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Glaxon takes a dedicated approach to anti-aging in NAD Synergy powered by BioNMN

Glaxon Nad Synergy

Anomaly is not the only new supplement Glaxon has dropped today; it’s also launched an anti-aging, or healthy aging product, as the brand puts it, named NAD Synergy. It relies on the same main ingredient as Xerion, which is a unique supplement bringing together anti-aging and typical GDA-type ingredients for a hybrid approach offering a variety of benefits.

Glaxon’s NAD Synergy is more of a dedicated anti-aging product compared to the likes of Xerion, featuring a formula explicitly built for that purpose. It comes with three ingredients in quercetin dihydrate at 450mg per serving, 50mg of celery extract standardized for 98% apigenin, and the star of the show, BioNMN branded NMN at the same dose as Xerion of 250mg.

Glaxon Nad Synergy Label

The latest Glaxon supplement aims to increase the body’s availability of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or, more simply, NAD, as well as inhibit the natural breakdown of it. All of the ingredients in NAD Synergy combine to achieve that goal and are packed into a convenient, two-capsule serving that you throw down once every day.

With NAD Synergy’s more dedicated approach to anti-aging does come a significantly lower price than Glaxon’s premium, hybrid product Xerion, which will cost you $74.99 a bottle. NAD Synergy is $44.98 directly through the brand’s website and it can get even lower than that with an ongoing coupon code of Glaxon’s Stack Builder, which bring it down to $35.98.