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Glaxon debuts its innovative AI-discovered muscle builder Anomaly

Glaxon Anomaly

Glaxon’s innovative new muscle building supplement, Anomaly uniquely formulated using artificial intelligence technology and first mentioned back in August, is now available for purchase. The product promises many typical muscle builder benefits, including increased muscle size, recovery, and endurance, and the interesting ability to reduce muscle loss while in a caloric deficit.

There are two key ingredients powering Glaxon Anomaly, both premium branded features, starting with half a gram of GG-Gold achiote tree extract per serving. The other half of the formula is PeptiStrong fava bean hydrolysate, which is the part of the supplement that makes it truly innovative, as it is a network of peptides that was indeed discovered by artificial intelligence.

Glaxon Anomaly Label

Like almost every other product in the Glaxon lineup, you can stack Anomaly with any of its other supplements, including its other muscle-building type formulas such as Alpha 365 and the recovery powerhouse Flight. Through the brand’s online store, Anomaly is also priced exactly the same as those other two at $59.99 for a full-size bottle of 30, six-capsule servings.