Glaxon wants to help get you through a caffeine detox in its latest innovation

Dec 30th, 2021
Glaxon Ctox

Glaxon is known for reliably effective supplements, with every product we’ve had from the reputable brand delivering on its promises. That includes its many pre-workouts, especially the high-powered Specimen GFY, and its nighttime powerhouse Tranquility. Glaxon is also known for putting together some very unique supplements, with some examples being its Protos protein powders and the anti-aging GDA, Xerion.

In the coming weeks or months, Glaxon is rolling out another uncommon type of product named C-TOX, which is something we’ve sort of seen before, although with that interesting Glaxon twist. C-TOX is an intriguing new innovation from Glaxon designed to help you through a caffeine detox and some of the side effects that come with it. A caffeine detox is where you gradually lower your daily dose of caffeine down to zero.

We don’t know what any of the ingredients or dosages are in Glaxon’s C-TOX; however, the goal of the supplement alone is enough to get our attention. The product comes with enough servings to get you through its seven-day caffeine detoxification program and looks to come in a tray of capsules instead of the typical bottle. More information on C-TOX should be along soon, with availability also sounding like it’s not far away.

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