Horchata 1Up Whey dropping next week alongside more flavors of Greens & Reds

Horchata 1up Whey Protein

When 1Up Nutrition reveals or releases a new flavor, it tends to do so in groups, introducing fans to a bunch of flavor extensions for a variety of supplements. This week that is once again the case with the popular brand announcing three new flavors, two of them for the same product and the third for something else, and they’re all arriving next week.

1Up Nutrition has unveiled its superfood supplement Vegan Greens & Reds, in Mango and Lemonade flavors, which will almost double the size of the product’s menu. The one other addition to the brand’s ever-growing selection is for its whey protein powder 1Up Whey Protein, with the traditional Mexican beverage Horchata becoming a protein powder.

Once again, all of those flavor extensions from 1Up Nutrition are arriving next week, Wednesday specifically, through its online store, where Vegan Greens & Reds will cost you $54.99 a tub and 1Up Whey Protein, $49.99.