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Introducing India’s Get-A-Whey and its high-protein and keto-friendly ice creams

Get A Whey Protein Ice Cream

It’s not often we come across frozen functional food companies, especially outside of the US, although when we do, they’re almost always well worth checking out. That is precisely the case with the India-based Get-A-Whey, which makes sweet and smooth ice cream packing a good amount of ice cream, especially compared to the likes of the popular Halo Top and Enlightened.

Protein ice cream

Get-A-Whey’s signature protein ice cream is made with a clean set of ingredients in milk, erythritol, some flavor-specific features, and premium whey isolate to give it that high amount of protein. The brand’s star product comes in rather large 530ml tubs or 1.12 pints, and if you throw down an entire one, you get as much as 43g of protein in its Chocolate Brownie Fudge flavor.

Get A Whey Protein Ice Cream

The other macros in Get-A-Whey’s protein ice cream are up there, although, with that hit of protein, the overall balance is still better than many of its competitors. The rest of the nutrition profile in Chocolate Brownie Fudge, for example, works out to around 27.2g of fat, 41.7g of carbohydrates, no added sugar, and a calorie count of 584.

Keto ice cream

Like those frozen functional companies we mentioned earlier in Halo Top and Enlightened, Get-A-Whey does also make a keto-friendly ice cream that lowers the protein and carbohydrates, and really jacks up the fat and calories. That product is made with whey isolate, too, as well as heavy cream, and in the Belgian Chocolate flavor, you get 29g of protein, only 16.6g of carbohydrates, and a truly massive 66.4g of fat, resulting in 780 calories per tub.

Get A Whey Keto Ice Cream

Unique flavors

With the kind of calories you get in Get-A-Whey’s products, we have to imagine the taste and texture are on point, and while it does have some familiar flavors like Chocolate Brownie Fudge, it also has its fair share of creative options. Some of those more intriguing flavors from Get-A-Whey are Alphonso Mango, Tender Coconut, and Festive Delight featuring saffron, cashew, and pistachio.

More Information

For more information on Get-A-Whey and its selection of high-protein and keto-friendly ice cream, you can check out its website. You can purchase the products directly from the brand through there, although as mentioned, Get-A-Whey is from India, and it currently only delivers to specific cities in its home country.