G Fuel does a Kiwi Strawberry for Christmas again but calls it Jingle Juice

Dec 3rd, 2021
Jingle Juice G Fuel

The leader of the gaming category, G Fuel, has released so many flavors this year for its flagship supplement and energy drink; it’s been at least one every two weeks, maybe every week. What’s made things even more fun with the brand is that they’ve been awesome and exciting flavor creations, especially the many collaborations with individuals and movies.

We are now in the final month of the year, the holiday season, so it’s no surprise G Fuel has put together something festive, which is launching today. The brand has produced the same flavor it did for Christmas in 2020 with Kiwi Strawberry for its self-titled gaming supplement, although while last year it was called Ugly Sweater, this year it’s titled Jingle Juice.

We’re not sure if Jingle Juice is the exact same Kiwi Strawberry flavor fans of G Fuel were treated to last year, but with the same Kiwi Strawberry description, they will, of course be similar. Once again, the all-new Jingle Juice G Fuel is releasing today through the brand’s online store in its usual options of a 40 serving tub and a limited Collector’s Box.

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