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Moose Jellies turns into a series with the release of three more gummy products

Muscle Moose Jellies Expansion

Last month we got the first gummy format supplement from the UK brand Muscle Moose, which is mostly known for its tasty and high-energy beverage, Moose Juice. This week the company has dropped not one or two but three more gummy products, each designed for a specific benefit and keeping things relatively simple on the ingredient side like Muscle Moose’s original CBD gummies.

Muscle Moose has given its collection of gummy supplements its own name with Moose Jellies, and the three new additions to it include Energy, featuring a variety of B vitamins. The other two products are Immunity Moose Jellies with reasonable dosages of vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B6, and Multi-Vit, packing a selection of vitamins and minerals to support general health and wellness.

Muscle Moose’s three new Moose Jellies are all in stock and available for purchase from its online store, each priced at £11.99 (15.83 USD) for a bottle of 60 fruity gummies. The supplements come in their own individual flavor with Energy Moose Jellies in Mango, Immunity is Raspberry-flavored, and Multi-Vit mixes it up again with Strawberry.