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Nick’s makes its third flavor of Cookie Kräm all about chocolate

Nicks Triple Choklad Cookie Kram

The Swedish functional brand Nick’s, which can be found and purchased stateside, released an intriguing and truly delicious-looking snack a few months ago in Nick’s Cookie Kräm. It is essentially a sweet and creamy ice cream cookie sandwich, although coming from Nick’s, there is a healthy twist with 8g of protein, 14g of fat, and 9g of net carbohydrates with 240 calories.

Nick’s introduced Cookie Kräs in only one flavor to start with Vanilj Cookie Kräm, featuring a combination of tasty vanilla ice cream between two traditional chocolate chip cookies. It was later joined by a Cookies and Kräm flavor with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip-filled chocolate cookies, and now the brand has announced an all-out chocolate flavor in Triple Choklad.

The upcoming Triple Choklad for the creative and mouthwatering Nick’s Cookie Kräm combines chocolate chip-packed chocolate cookies like Cookies and Kräm but with chocolate ice cream. It has a similar nutrition profile to the other flavors with 8g of net carbohydrates, around 8g of protein, and 230 calories, and it is in stock and available through the brand’s website.

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