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Nutrabio’s tasty New York Punch flavor releasing for Leg Day in one week

Nutrabio New York Punch Leg Day

New York Punch is one of the tastiest flavors we’ve had in a supplement from Nutrabio, being a joy to drink every workout we’ve thrown it down. The brand debuted the flavor in its unique focus-infused amino Alpha EAA, then shortly afterward, it added the option to its powerhouse intra-workout Intra Blast. Next week Nutrabio is taking that hit flavor and expanding it across to another one of its sports nutrition products.

Nutrabio has announced that in precisely one week from today, on Friday the 17th of this month, it is releasing its other packed out intra-workout supplement Leg Day in New York Punch. It was actually only just last month Leg Day landed its first flavor extension, welcoming Cherry Limeade to the menu. New York Punch will take the product to a total of four flavors and cost you the usual Leg Day price of $59.99 over at