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Another major New Zealand retailer takes on the growing energy drink market

Nz Muscle Ignite Energy Drink

Another supplement store down under in New Zealand has followed in the footsteps of Xplosiv after it released its own brand of energy drink in the first half of the year with Ping. The reputable retailer NZ Muscle has joined in on the fun in the country’s growing beverage market with its Ignite energy drink which has a more general energy formula compared to Xplosiv’s Ping.

NZ Muscle’s Ignite energy drink features a combination of common beverage ingredients, including the likes of taurine and glycine, as well as glutamine, raspberry ketones, and acetyl-l-carnitine. Caffeine is, of course, in the mix at a solid 155mg per can, with the other compounds being moderately dosed, except for acetyl-l-carnitine sitting at a respectable one gram.

As mentioned, NZ Muscle has taken a more general energy drink approach in Ignite, not packing it with any performance or pump-supporting ingredients like Xplosiv’s Ping. The retailer has kept things fairly simple with enough to do the job of energizing you on the go, and it’s nutritionally friendly with no carbohydrates, sugar, or fat per can and only a single calorie.

The place to go to purchase NZ Muscle’s Ignite energy drink is its own website, where a box of six cans will cost you $29.99 (20.43 USD) in Tropical or Raspberry Lemonade flavors or in a variety pack with three of each.