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Olimp adds another creatine to its catalog featuring tri-creatine malate

Olimp Tcm Xplode

Many of the supplements from the hugely popular Polish company Olimp are relatively basic, straightforward products, especially in the area of aminos. This week the brand has released another essential-style formula powered by an ingredient that Olimp uses in several other supplements with creatine, including Creatine Magna Power, Rocky Athlete’s Creatine, Creatine 1250, and Creatine Xplode.

TCM Xplode is the newest creatine product from Olimp, with the name being an abbreviation of its key ingredient. TCM Xplode features tri-creatine malate at 4g per serving, proving 3g of actual creatine, to support muscle strength and size. The brand has also added vitamin D and vitamin B6 to further support those primary goals, with everything wrapped up in a Lemon and Orange flavor powder.