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Performix increases the competitiveness of ioWhey with a value size at Costco

Performix Iowhey Protein Powder At Costco

When Performix debuted its incredibly unique ioWhey protein powder infused with Ingredient Optimized technology, it made a lot of noise. The key highlight of the supplement is the Ingredient Optimized technology, as it makes the product more bioavailable; in fact, a clinical study showed that 22g of protein from ioWhey is equal to 30g of protein from regular whey isolate.

Performix has added several more flavors to its ioWhey protein powder over the few years it’s been on the market, although this week, it has made the product a whole lot more cost-effective. If the enhanced bioavailability of the supplement wasn’t enough, the brand has launched a value size of ioWhey that you can now purchase exclusively at the membership retailer Costco.

Through Performix’s own online store, ioWhey protein powder costs you $29.99 for a bag of 18 servings, or you can get two for $25 each. Costco’s exclusive size blows that out of the water with a bag that’s three times bigger than the original 18 serving, packing 54 servings. The price of the much larger option is just $44.99, which is about 50% cheaper per serving than that single bag.

You get all of the same ingredients and macros in Performix’s much bigger 54 serving bag of ioWhey protein powder, although you are limited to one flavor. Instead of the five tastes you have to choose from on the brand’s online store, Costco’s value size only comes in Fruity Cereal.